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Read or Download the Lyrics:

Map of Icosahedron

Album 4


A Space Bubbles Odyssey

Album 3


Bubble Love Radio

Album 2


Dance Shake Rattle & Roll

Album 1


Read or Download the Lyrics:

Read or Download the Lyrics:

Come join us on our journey to find The Gassy Bubbles!  This family adventure album nurtures and fosters children’s imaginations and explores geometry, sharing, anti-bullying, love & being kind to others. It was written to be a 1970’s style rock & roll album that the entire family could sing & dance to together

Join Abby and Aidan Bubble, along with Mr. Chris and some silly characters, on this magical imagination adventure in space!  This album will have the whole family laughing and dancing away.

Have you ever pretended to be a Radio DJ? 

Well that's what this album is all about!  It was inspired by Mr. Chris' memories of being a pretend radio DJ with his brothers when they were young.  Get your dancing shoes on for this blend of rock and roll, pop, funk and R&B.

Dance Shake Rattle & Roll is the first children's album created by Mr. Chris & the Gassy Bubbles. 

With a blend of storytelling and rock & roll music, this album is designed for all ears to enjoy and explores themes of sharing, health & safety


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